Podcasts & Interviews

Fun Interview with Terri for Wisdom Calls One Radio, Nov. 2013

Using the chart of a ‘mystery’ client, Terri discusses the process of reading the chart from the Evolutionary Astrology perspective. Don’t let the technical aspects of this interview throw you. There’s lots of valuable information shared. Terri also discusses the planetary aspects for November 2013 and reveals the identity of the famous client!

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Podcast Presentation, for the Evolutionary Astrology Network’s Webinar, “Astrology, Reincarnation and Soul” Sept. 2013

In this power point presentation, Terri discusses the Grand Sextile of 2013-2014. Terri explains how this extremely rare aspect sets up the opportunity for the grounding of the peaceful warrior aspect of the divine feminine.


Get to know Terri 

...with this light interview with astrologer, Ron Archer, for his Astrologers Across America project.

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