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Newsletter June 2011

New Moon in Gemini June 2011

June’s new moon occurs on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 4:02 pm CDT.

"Slow down, you're moving too fast, you've got to make the morning last......”


Freeway BlurGemini rules the way we communicate with our selves, and with other people. It rules the clicking of the mind, our curiosity, our ability to have a viewpoint and the very specific way that we take in information. We are developing the Gemini archetype as youngsters when we experience sibling rivalry. We’re developing our ‘own’ thinking process which is a good thing. Tell that to a mother listening to her youngsters fighting over who’s right and who’s wrong. It may or may not comfort her. Gemini rules all things fast like computers, and cars, and when its ruler Mercury goes retrograde a lot of us don’t like it because things slow down. Most of us today are so bombarded by information that the mind resides in a state similar to PTSD. Anything that happens anywhere on the planet, we learn about within a few minutes. We barely have time to digest before more is on its way.

When Gemini energy is allowed to flow without SELF discipline one can feel they’re running in circles. In the past decade the mental energy on the planet has been turned up to max.

And we’ve ‘almost’ adjusted to it. We’ve fallen in the grove. We’re at warp speed.

I wonder if now it isn’t time to put this all in balance. This particular new moon challenges us big time to refine our Gemini archetype. There are other planetary factors joining with this new moon urging us to take the high road with Gemini. Let’s set an intention to listen to our SELVES better. We all listen to the same God who seems never too busy to personally address each and every one of us. Are we listening? Are we living by our own inner wisdom? Do we hear our own voice, our own opinions, and our own guide or are we following someone else’s wisdom, someone else’s opinion? The next few weeks are a prime time to hear our own voice. Let’s try to pull the plug when we feel brain overload and learn to shift our restless minds. Can we sense that moment when we’re in overload and take the necessary breaks – that breathing in and out, that short walk...even if it’s only in our minds? Can we stop resenting Mercury retrogrades? Can we develop a habit of slowing down periodically in order to listen?

Take a Break

Topics to think about with this new moon are...


Suggestions for stating your intentions. “I want ......” (Just ponder the topics and come up with your own desires)

State your intentions from a place of SELF. State your wants – to the universe in the dark of this new moon, but remember only use ten wants. Any more and you’re not pinning them down.

Here are some suggestions for Gemini intentions.

“I want all restless/nervous anxiety/excitability totally lifted from me.”
“I want healthy curiosity prompting me to get the information I need to resolve the issue of________.”
“I want to easily find myself asking the right questions that lead to my understanding how other people think.”
“I want to more effectively listen and learn from others.”
“I want to listen and hear my ‘own’ voice.”
“I want to consciously enjoy the variety in life, rather than only looking for what is familiar”
“I want all fear of socializing with others easily lifted from me.”
“I want to easily find myself consistently using tact, courtesy, and wit in all my relationships.”
“I want to easily find myself totally comfortable in having light, interesting conversations with others.”
“I want to find myself easily accepting other people’s points of view as true for them, without feeling I have to agree or disagree with them.”


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Terri Zee