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Newsletter March 2011

New Moon in Pisces March 2011

Do you recall the comment from last month’s Aquarius new moon letter? "There’s a lot of rebel in Aquarius, they are some of the most individuated people on the planet. You fence them in and they will tear down the fence to get free."

March 2011 AstrologyHow about the story of the Libyan pilots who were recently ordered by a defiant Gadhafi to bomb the oil fields? Did they do it? Nope, they flew out in that direction, veered off into a desolate area and ejected to safety as the jet hit the ground. Aquarius: willing to be a group of one if you have to...for the cause! And now enters Pisces, its energy blankets defiant energy and very soon joining the mêlée is Aries energy, the warrior. So times are volatile and to say the least, a little uncertain.

I’ll share my latest attempt to define the indefinable Pisces, - cosmic energy envelops you and it feels as though you expand and release all your boundaries and the energy penetrates your soul. You may be swept away which can be disconcerting, but on the other hand if you don’t release these boundaries, you may never know bliss, hence the dilemma, the Pisces symbols of two fish swimming in opposite directions.

Pisceans live in this ocean. They pick up on every energy nuance around them. If you are in pain, they are in pain. Their compassion can overwhelm them. They want desperately to comfort, sometimes at the risk of losing them selves. Their boundaries are generally thin. A lot of healers have strong Piscean signatures in their charts. Balance is needed. Evolved healers know when to seek balance. They’ve learned from experience.

We all dip into Pisces energy in yoga class or in mediation, in our dream world, through music, or in prayer. When balanced, one learns to open the window, step through, and remember how to get back. And it’s really, really hard to come back sometimes because it feels so good ‘out there.’

We dip into Pisces if we take a little trip on drugs or drink just a little too much, or watch television for eight hours, or for a myriad of reasons fall into mental imbalance which in the case of Pisces can be delusional. Because this energy is so much bigger than we are, we can feel grandiose or we can feel like an insignificant grain of sand, and with that often comes the illusion of victimization.  Pisces by its very nature blurs the distinction between reality and illusion. We swim in it as a form of addictive escape. Ever stumble out of a movie a little dazed? In this unbalanced state it’s a little harder to get back through the window. Feel like you need to ‘shake it off’? Ever travel to a spiritual retreat and not want to come home... that’s Pisces... ruled by Neptune.

How can we balance this ‘ultimately’ beautiful energy that in its highest form is God energy? Currently across our planet it’s a bit like a cold front meeting warm air and it’s setting off these inner storms? Yes, I think it is a bit like that.


How can we participate in these changing times without losing our way? How can we stay in balance? Image

Ground yourself.  Nature can help. Take a walk. Dig in the dirt. Lift a few bales of hay. Try and stay on your toes with discernment... “Yes, this is good for me – no, this is not. Yes, this person calms me, no this person does not, yes this is a good solid idea - and no this is not.”  Stay connected/centered.

Setting these intentions is extremely important this month. On April 4 the ruling planet of Pisces, Neptune, moves into its own sign (Pisces) until 2025. The energy of this new moon will be with us for a long, long, time. Here are suggestions for your new moon in Pisces intentions. Remember to wait until Friday in order to receive the most benefit.  Get creative and come up with your own suggestions and intentions. Your ideas reside in the ocean of Pisces.


“I want to find myself dealing with times of confusion in a constructive way that leads to growth.”

“I want to easily find myself replacing fantasy with constructive action to bring about the thing that I want in my life.”

“I want all resistance to experiencing bliss easily lifted from me.”

“I want to easily find myself focused on the inner peace of my own nature.”

“I want all debilitating sensitivity easily lifted from me.”

“I want to easily surrender all worries and anxieties into the healing hands of a higher power.

“I want to remember that everyone is doing the best that they can with the light they have at the time.”

“I want to easily find myself lovingly accepting ______ without trying to fix him/her.”

“I want to easily find myself free of the addiction to ________.”

“I want all feelings of helplessness totally lifted from me.”

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Terri Zee