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Newsletter February 2011

New Moon in Aquarius February 2011

New Moon occurs Wednesday, February 2, 8:30 PM

Be brave and get your inventive cap on because with the New Moon in Aquarius we can all take advantage of the genius of Aquarian energy. Aquarius thinks out of the box, always. They feel a great need to be a productive part of society. Like anyone else they love to be loved, but at the same time they don’t want to be stifled in any way. I define thinking out of the box as not doing something “the way everyone else does it” or “the way I’m expected to” or “the way I was taught” - you get the drift here. Aquarians are not herd animals. If they find themselves in a herd they’re always wandering off saying, “Hey look, here’s a path we haven’t taken.” There’s a lot of rebel in Aquarius, they are some of the most individuated people on the planet. You fence them in and they will tear down the fence to get free.

ImageTsk tsk... sometimes rebellion might land you a ticket from a stern-faced official. There’s a word of caution with all this ‘me’, one of a kind, freedom-loving spirit that I am – you can isolate your self. The other guy is also one of a kind. We all are, and we live in a big world. We need each other. And we need a few rules. At the same time Aquarian energy knows how to present innovative rules. Hold on to your hat – the Aquarian Age has begun.

There are 12 houses in your natal chart and 12 signs. Somewhere you have Aquarian energy. Where ever it is, is where you’ll want to be left alone to do it your way. It’s in the plan for you to break open in that area. If it’s locked up, unlock it. The universe hints and hints at us to be free. If there’s too much resistance, Aquarian energy - much like electricity - will come out of nowhere, and like lighting it will take you to your knees with shock. It’s purpose? - To crack open stagnation, and of course we’re talking stagnation at a soul level. Aquarius energy shows up in your chart where ever your soul is breaking up old, worn out identities. It’s ‘hinting’. Isn’t it nice of the universe to hint, and hint, and hint? God, we’re pig-headed.


Side note worth mentioning...Evolutionary Astrology is based on this pig-headedness. The theory is that after the ‘big bang’ we all separated from the creator. A natural part of creation wants to separate and discover all that we are. That part of us that says, “I want to do it my way,” is built in. However the other side of the yang/yin coin is that part of us is also trying to get back to that bosom of God. In any given moment we are either separating or returning -- until we exhaust our desire to separate.

Aquarius has a great sense of humor. I’m thinking that’s because they live free, in touch with realms most of us don’t tap into unless we’re watching “Avatar” – Aquarians, at least the evolved ones, sort of live there all the time, tapping into cosmic humor.

If you choose to allow Aquarian energy into the plan of your life, you are asking for individuation. You’re asking to break free. As you move into this process be prepared to be a group of one. Be prepared to be lonely at times. Be prepared to guffaw at it all.

It’s YOUR path...no one else’s and it’s...ok.

Here are some suggested topics to think about with this archetype of Aquarius and below a few suggestions for creating your own personal intentions. I know it’s tempting to start with these now, but don’t write anything down until the actual New Moon so there’s power behind them.

  • » HUMOR

“When sudden change occurs, I want to see the hidden opportunity that will allow me to benefit.”

“I want to see life in a way that sparks my sense of humor.”

“I want to be filled with happy, healthy self-confidence in welcoming new people into my life.”

“I want the habit of isolating aloofness totally lifted from me.”

“I want all destructive rebellion totally lifted from me.”

“I want to be aware of new trends, and cooperate with them in a way that is in my best interest.”

“I want to easily find myself filled with the courage to revolutionize my life.”

“I want to feel a sense of comfortable equality with others.”

“I want the need for excessive approval easily lifted from me.”

“I want to easily find myself speaking aloud the innovative thoughts that come to me.”

“I want the idea that ‘honestly being my self’ leads to losing in love totally lifted from me.”

“I want the tendency to hide my vulnerable self totally lifted from me.”

“I want to easily find myself receiving helpful messages from the positive, angelic forces around me, supporting me in successfully navigating my life.”

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Next month – Pisces!


Terri Zee