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Newsletter November 2010

New Moon in Scorpio 2010

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The NEW MOON IS IN SCORPIO and occurs this next Friday November 5, at 11:51 p.m.

Let’s talk scorpions for a moment. What reaction did you have to that sentence? If you felt yourself drawing back, you’re right to be cautions. If you felt a bit of fascination, you’re probably a Scorpio or at least feeling the Scorpio energy inherent in your being.

This month we’re going to set intentions on the new moon around the archetype of Scorpio and I think it will help to talk about scorpions a bit.

Scorpio and scorpions have a deeply hidden self – heavily armored. Let’s just suppose for a moment that you have spent the last 100 incarnations as a scorpion. How many times do you think you’ve been squashed flat by a foot or a well-thrown rock? Scorpio is one of the most defensive signs in the zodiac and for good reason. Somehow, in some way, the soul remembers. Where Scorpio is in your chart is where the rug has been pulled out from under you leaving you feeling kaput!

The energy of Scorpio rules the occult… all the secrets of the great mystery schools. The shaman is Scorpio energy. It rules taboo subjects like death and sex. It rules all taboos. Scorpio is intrigued, and comfortable, with mystery. With reverence they do not shy away from the subject of death, and Scorpio is intrigued, and comfortable, with deeply-bonding sexuality. Did you know that scorpions caress each other with their tails when mating, with the very tail that could inject venom? Scorpio knows this path and yet continues to be open for the experience of transformation. Scorpio may be heavily armored, but its soft center does not shy away from intensely connecting with another. No, that is not Scorpio. That would be more like the archetype of Cancer. With Scorpio we hold the gaze of a lover. All pretenses are dropped. We allow ourselves to be transformed, and our reward is that we emerge feeling greater than the sum of our parts.

I’m sure you’ve heard the slowed-down version of intimacy, “in to me you see”. That’s Scorpio. That is true bravery. That’s vulnerable. And you don’t get to know the mystery without traveling this territory. Scorpio requires total honesty, nothing hidden, warts and all.

Do you hide your power? Is it suppressed? Does it dart out unexpectedly with tail erect and ready to impale? Or can you handle this energy, allowing it to empower you without overpowering another? Can power be soft? Can we bare its soft intensity?

Scorpio, bottom line, is feeling our power or our powerlessness. Certainly, relationships are a huge part of Scorpio, feeling safe and respected and in a relationship where you are

empowered by the union. Also associated with Scorpio is depth psychology where we become vulnerable to our inner selves and make peace with our shadows and our pain. We all use psychology every day in our relationships, hopefully in a mature way that allows us to feel empowered and allows others the same.

Money is also associated with Scorpio – is it not a bit of a taboo subject? Do we openly discuss how much money we have or will have or want to have? Generally in our society money is a private subject, off limits to ask, “Hey, how much money do you have?” How we use money and our thoughts about money is very connected to our feelings of power or powerlessness. The Federal Reserve is Scorpio territory. Feel the intensity of that power? That’s Scorpio. Not enough money to pay the mortgage this month? That’s Scorpio. A sudden windfall that saves the day… that’s Scorpio.

In the presence of the scorpion do we feel the fear and with care move anyway, or do we choose to live in fear? Do we walk around fear or through it? We can side-step it for a life time, but in the end we all must move through it. That is the intensity of Scorpio.

Below are the categories offered for setting Scorpio intentions.


Some wish suggestions:

“I want right ideas to occur to me relative to mutual empowerment in my relationships.”
“I want to easily find myself using my power constructively.”
“I want to easily find myself keeping secrets conveyed to me in trust.”
“I want to easily attract, recognize, and begin working with the right tools to facilitate a
psychological healing for me.”
“I want a positive transformation to occur in the area of ___________.”
“I want to easily find myself forgiving ___________ in a way that is empowering for me.”
“I want to respond to crisis with clear, competent thinking and action.”
“I want the habit of creating stress and crisis in my life totally lifted from me.”
“I want to find myself taking those constructive risks that lead to a new sense of
I want to easily release my need to hide behind the pretense of __________.”
“I want to easily find myself expressing my intensity in ways that are not threatening to

“I want to easily know when and when not to censor my speech.”
“I want to find myself noticing the intensity of others without taking it personally.”
“I want to easily find myself accepting my own emotional depth.”
“I want the fear of commitment easily lifted from me.”
“I want my ________ obsession completely lifted from me.”
“I want to attract, recognize, and experience a deep, honest, and happy relationship.”
“I want the tendency to be absorbed in the force fields of others easily lifted from me.”
“I want to participate in making my sexuality more passionate, facilitating a stronger bond.”
“I want to easily find myself saying the right words to _________ that create an atmosphere
resulting in a deep emotional connection.”
“In my financial negotiations with __________ I want to easily find myself feeling full self-
confidence in a positive way.”
“I want to easily find myself using my full power and strength to get rid of my credit-card
debt in a happy way.”
“I want the right ideas to occur to me regarding how to approach _________ in getting them
to pay me back the money they owe me.”
“I want all tendencies to get involved in power struggles easily lifted from me.”
“I want to easily find myself using my power constructively in all situations.”

Remember that Venus which rules relationships, and money, is retrograde ‘in Scorpio’ until November 18. We’re all getting a big dose of it no doubt! Scorpions everywhere!

Moving right along we’ll bounce into happy Sagittarius next month! After November 18 things hopefully will lighten up as we feel the faith return with Sagittarius.

Blessings everyone,

Terri Zee