Make a Wish

When the Moon is dark
is the time to incubate your wishes.
Surrender with the full Moon, and begin again.

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Newsletter August 2011

New Moon in Leo August 2011

The new Moon of August occurs at 1:39 am on Saturday, July 30 and is in the sign of Leo. During the period of 8 hours after the new Moon we have the creation point of the new Moon cycle. This month we use this time to set soul intentions around the archetype of the energy of Leo. This process works up until the end of the 2nd day. Sure, we can set intentions any time of any day, for anything we like. But when you wish upon a star, the most potent time is when you see it arcing through the sky.

We’re all in the process of becoming. We want to feel alive and useful, complete and in love with life. We want to feel that we are blessed to create each day with joy and in some fun way contribute to those we love. We want to be joyous in our work, and within the community of souls that contribute to the big, big picture.

Surrender to Joy
I surrender today. Use me as you will so that I may know joy.

This is Leo ruled by the Sun, the source of life on our planet. Without the Sun, the Earth would perish at least as we know it. Without Leo’s radiance in our natal charts, we are blocked from our creative joy. Sometimes a transit by another planet will eclipse our joy temporarily and we feel our potential slip away. That’s when we need to ask for rejuvenation!

This month, with this new Moon is our opportunity to ask that we be connected to the source of our joy. A radiant expression of Leo is evident when we choose to co-create our lives with source. We ask to be all that we can be, not alone, but with the help of creation. Then, and only then, are we able to say, at least sometimes, “Today I do ‘not’ know the difference between work and play.”

Maybe Leos have figured something out, and that is to stay in touch with life as innocently as young children do. It is rare to find a Leo who doesn’t have a firm grip on the concept of the inner child. I can envy that a little and hope they’ll teach me more about that. Leo does have a soft side; think basking by the fire on a winter’s eve. This is when we get to see them “off stage”, and what a beautiful sight it is.

If there’s a shadow side to Leo, it’s arrogance. A good reminder during this new Moon is that we are ALL special, not just Leos. (They might argue with that) and God knows we love them in spite of it.

Leo or not, all of us can be more aware of the shadow of too much self-focus.
mirror mirror

But back to joy....... below are the suggestions for topics you might want to ponder in terms of setting your new Moon intentions. Go ahead be as a child and wish upon a star.


These are all healthy wants. Feel free to pattern yours after the suggestions below, but try to make them ‘your’ words. Don’t be tempted to start early.....wait until the Moon is actually in Leo.

“In romance I want to easily find myself being honest with the other person about who I am and what I want, so that I become involved with a person who really resonates with my true inner spirit.”
“I want to easily find myself allowing my natural enthusiasm to shine forth.”
“I want to find myself involved in activities that evoke my passion and vital interest…following the path that is dictated by my own sense of inner joy and happiness.”
“I want to easily find myself honoring the individual personalities of the people around me.”
“I want to find myself doing at least one thing that brings me pleasure each day.”
“I want the habit of shutting down and not experiencing the joy of life easily lifted from me.”
“I want to easily find myself enjoying being center of the stage in a healthy, happy way.”
“I want to easily find myself putting others on center stage in a way that creates positive mutual energy.”
“I want the habit of feeling either superior or inferior totally lifted from me.”
“I want all self-isolating pride totally lifted from me.”
“I want the habit of wavering from my purpose totally lifted from me.”


Terri Zee