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Newsletter July 2011

New Moon in Cancer July 2011

July’s new moon occurs on Friday, July 1, 2011 at 3:53 am CDT.

Somewhere in your astrological chart the archetype of Cancer expresses. There are twelve houses and twelve signs. Cancer’s in there somewhere for each of us because we’re all an amalgamation of the twelve energies of the zodiac and the gamut of those energies. So when you hear yourself say, “I don’t get along with........ (Fill in the sign), know it’s a part of you that you don’t get along with.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The Moon shifts into a new sign every couple of days, and Cancer moods follow right along. The mood may be up when the Moon is in Sagittarius but you can bet the mood changes when the Moon is in say, Scorpio.

Your Moon wants to feel safe. That’s a quality of the Moon regardless of its sign. But today we’re focusing on a Cancer new Moon – so double whammy on that desire to feel safe and secure. During this new Moon of July 1, we’ll set intentions that deal with our emotional safety, what I call the heart-home.

Cancer can hide, like the Moon on a cloudy night. Now you see me. Now you don’t.  It’s an extremely sensitive energy and for that reason it MUST, for emotional survival, protect itself.  In the ancient days of astrology cancer was represented by the turtle. Now it’s the crab – both have an outer shell. This is not just for protection – it’s for survival.

Where ever Cancer is in your chart is where your task lies in loosening the armor and allowing your SELF to feel and be seen, to feel the vulnerability, the joy, or the pain without restriction and to grow into a place of ease with those feelings.  

emotionsThere are times when emotion simply overwhelms us. For some it’s truly a feeling of being unprotected, helpless, exposed, without an emotional home, or invisible. Even intense feelings of joy can rock your boat and create a temporarily unstable feeling. Our Moon wants to feel safe, so we retreat into our shell. This seems to be a normal pattern regardless of the Moon’s sign, we’re just intensifying this view with the Moon in Cancer. When this pattern of retreat becomes chronic one simply lives in isolation... until one comes back into the world having licked our wounds and ready to try again.

Due to the sensitive nature of Cancer, its energy is known for taking care of others. It is a water sign and water doesn’t always stop at barriers. Cancers can ‘get in your stuff’. Here is a word of caution, it’s an easy trap to care for others in a conscious or unconscious effort to keep the spot light off the self. Our own soul-work is neglected. I do not mean to negate Cancer’s innate qualities of nurturing and sensitivity. These are wonderful qualities. With these qualities comes true empathy, but as always...balance, balance, balance.

The highest expression of emotional safety is not about holding on but about letting go. And you know the rest of the phrase.....let go, let God. Or let go, allow the universe, or let go, ever you want to mantra it letting go allows the richness of life in.  You cannot maintain self-will in the process of letting go. A part of you must go in order to be free.

To live without a shell entirely is almost more than we can ask of Cancer. This new Moon is a reminder to try and keep the shell softened.  The goal for Cancer energy is to flow without restriction, without any particular focus on the highs or the lows.  We try to keep our hearts transparent if we dare and protect ourselves as we must.  We strive to live in divine detachment.

Soften your shell if you dare.

The following suggestions are areas of focus for the Cancer archetype. State your own intentions on the new Moon and watch them manifest as the Moon moves to full.

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A few suggestions for how to phrase your intentions… Please refer to the guide if you need to.

“I want to find myself spending more happy time with my family.”
“I want to easily find myself listening to and honoring my gut instincts.”
“I want to easily find myself handling my finances in ways that create a stable base that I can count on.”
“I want to become aware of my early childhood conditioning in a way that frees me from unwholesome patterns.”
“I want to consciously and consistently practice positive new approaches in my relationships.”
“I want to find myself experiencing a reciprocal feeling of caring in my relationships.”
“I want to find myself easily asking for help in a way that is empowering for me and others.”
“I want to easily find myself empathetically understanding others in a way that results in mutual caring and support.”
“I want to consciously, consistently find myself communicating my feelings in a responsible appropriate way.”
“I want all moodiness easily lifted from me.”
“I want all non-constructive over-emotional responses easily lifted from me.”
“I want to easily find myself maintaining my own identity while in the company of my family.”
“I want to easily find myself avoiding the tendency to take care of others at my own expense.”
“I want to easily find myself free of being emotionally caught up in _______’s games.”

Next month we’ll take a look at firing up our Leo energy!

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Terri Zee