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Newsletter May 2011

New Moon in Taurus May 2011

May’s new moon occurs on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 1:50 am CDT.

"Slow down, you're moving too fast, you've got to make the morning last......”


May 2011 Astrology New Moon TaurusWith this Taurus new moon, it’s time to slow down. While not all of us have an infinity pool and a $5,000 hammock (actually, who lives like this?) – But we’re bound to have ‘someplace’ to chill out and it’s high time we did, April was extremely stressful. More than half of our planets were in Aries and boy did we all feel that energy, and we used it to get from there to here where ever ‘here’ is for you. We are all in a different space than we were the first of April. Ok, that’s good progress but now... let’s claim our right to a little peace of mind. The crisis may not be entirely behind us, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, we have a direction. Rest.

How you say? Well that’s up to each one of us, but a good start is to take a deep... a deep cleansing breath and let it all go. If we do that even once an hour we’ll live longer. Amazing isn’t it that we don’t even breathe sometimes. Breathe in and claim your power. Release it and let it go into a higher power. Part of the shadow side of Taurus is stubbornness. This new moon offers the opportunity to release that. Really that stubbornness is kind of like breathing in and not being willing to breathe out.

Taurus, at its best is ease or comfort. What makes you comfortable? Since Taurus rules money, comfort, food, sensuality, and self worth, I’d bet these issues will be at the forefront for any of us right now.

Let’s look at the topics to focus on for this new moon in Taurus. Write your new moon intentions during the new moon, (next Tuesday – not before). Just think of these topics and write down, “I want....” (write a maximum of 10 wishes)

  • » MONEY

Suggestions for stating your intentions. “I want ......” (Just ponder the topics and come up with your own desires)

State your intentions from a place of SELF. State your wants – to the universe in the dark of this new moon, but remember only use ten wants. Any more and you’re not pinning them down.


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Taurus loves its pleasures and can fear the loss of these pleasures - anything from ‘stuff’ acquired, to a sense of status, to basic needs like food and love. This fear of loss is another shadow side of Taurus. Certainly there’s a sense of personal power that comes from feeling content. We walk with a little lilt in our step when everything is copacetic.

As the new moon offers its gift of contentment this Tuesday, let’s all try to feel the energy. Taurus is ruled by Venus, beautiful Venus. Let’s try and feel this energy and claim a little for ourselves. Let’s feel our power on the in-breath, and let’s feel the beauty of surrender to a higher power with the breath’s release.

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Terri Zee