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Newsletter January 2011

New Moon in Capricorn January 2011

January’s new moon occurs at 3:02 a.m. on Tuesday, January 4th in Capricorn.

Last year at the Capricorn new moon I stated that the archetypical description of Capricorn is “The Good Father,” the father that gets up early, accomplishes his goals, is well respected in the community, isn’t afraid of hard work, is disciplined, and is respected. Capricorn is a very important archetype that can provide a reliable structure for the family, and for the community and for the world. However, any structure, physical or emotional, that has not been manifested in universal truth will eventually crumble. A lot of us are experiencing the restructuring of our lives right now, and that can be attributed to one of our most powerful planets, Pluto, which moved into Capricorn in late 2009. Pluto probes into the deepest recesses of the unconscious and what ever is built on rocky ground, Capricorn will tear down and rebuild. We can either fight this evolutionary impulse or be a part of the restructuring. We learn to clear the rubble of outworn beliefs and even past life memories that tug at us and keep us bound. This new moon is about building a firm new foundation built from – not the past, but the now. Being ‘conscious’ in the now creates a sustainable future.

Hold on – we also have a solar eclipse with this new moon. Wait, didn’t we just have an eclipse? Yes, that was a lunar eclipse. Here’s what I know about eclipses in a nutshell, lunars deal with emotion, solars deal with the way you walk your path.

So what ever you were dealing with during the lunar eclipse December 21, you’re probably still dealing with to some degree and now here comes the solar eclipse that asked, “Ok, what are you going to Do about It?”

Let’s grab hold of these suggested topics associated with the Capricorn archetype and set some serious intentions! Here they are.


And here are some suggested ways to ask for what we want – please make this more powerful by using your own words.

“I want to easily find myself behaving in ways that create a better public image.”
“I want to easily find myself responding to the aging process in a way that is in my best interest.”
“I want all fears of incompetence totally lifted from me.”
“I want to find myself filled with the energy of ambition!”
“I want total clarity in setting appropriate goals that led to success in the areas I desire.”
“I want all anxiety around success totally lifted from me.”
“I want to easily find myself managing my life in a way that allows plenty of time for work, play, and family.”
“I want to easily find myself listening to the authority of my own inner being.”
“I want the compulsive need to take personal credit easily lifted from me.”
“I want all sternness easily lifted from me.”
“I want to experience pessimism being replaced with an awareness of the potential for positive outcomes.”
“I want to welcome the possibility that a new approach will make my goals easier to reach.”

If you feel that something is crumbling in your life maybe it’s time to free yourself. That’s call transformation! And this is the year for it for sure! Even the Mayans said, “2012.....that’s enough,” so let’s create something new!


Next month’s new moon is in Aquarius and we can get a little rebellious but don’t be fooled, Capricorn is running like a strong river beneath all of 2011 and beyond. Ole Pluto is in Capricorn until 2025.

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Terri Zee