Make a Wish

When the Moon is dark
is the time to incubate your wishes.
Surrender with the full Moon, and begin again.

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New Moon April 2015

New Moon in Aries

April 18, 2015 1:56 PM CDT

Can you hear the choir?

New Moon Aries

True story: When my youngest son was barely three we were exploring in the yard one fine spring day, digging for beetles, building forts with tiny sticks, zooming match-box cars around in the sand… generally just hanging out. He stopped for a moment and said, “Mommy, listen to the music.” I stopped and listened into the distance for a possible boom box turned up high. I didn’t hear anything so I asked, “What music?” He looked at me like I was from another planet and said, “The birds mommy!”

He’s thirty-three now, and for me to remember this moment indicates the impact it made. Suddenly my world shifted from going-through-the motions, from wondering what I’d cook for dinner, from rehashing that conversation I’d had with hubby - the one that hurt my feelings, from my monkey-mind thoughts to a moment of now where I could receive, as a child receives. I stopped my distance-listening, and my past-listening, and I shifted into the now. I’m still working on this, and I believe it’s a life-long task.

Can you hear the choir?

Our New Moon today is in Aries and Aries is about self-focus. ME. We need to honor our Me. We can’t possibly be emotionally prosperous in this journey with our focus always on others. We’d be drained, right? And so would they!

Today’s New Moon is at the last degree of Aries. Late degrees finish the archetype, and so once again we ask to graduate into appropriate degrees of self-focus. I am in my body, fully. I am aware of my being. I allow my being to expand into this moment, and I am fully aware and open to all that surrounds me. My ‘focus’ has expanded.

This New Moon is currently not in a compatible angle in the heavens with the planet Ceres. The archetype of Ceres has to do with nurturing. Do I feel nurtured? Is my heart open to nurture others? Do I feel loved? Am I gifting love to others? With this uncomfortable angle between the Moon and Ceres today we may feel something is missing in our lives, as if something has been taken from us, or something we’re wishing for simply will not come to us. For some it could be all-consuming for a day or two until the Moon moves on. The Sun will continue to remain in square to Ceres for about two weeks. To me the message is, regardless of our circumstances stay expanded if at all possible.

In order to be aware we must expand our senses, and expansion is not about pulling something in. It’s always about letting go.

Please, if you like, I invite you to write down affirmations during the first 48 hours after the new moon. GUIDELINES for working with the New Moon energy are here.

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