Make a Wish

When the Moon is dark
is the time to incubate your wishes.
Surrender with the full Moon, and begin again.

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New Moon September 2014

New Moon in Libra

September 24, 2014 1:13 pm CDT

New Moon Libra

This New Moon will be square to Pluto. Do NOT give in now… hold firm the course. You may feel massive emotional brooding. It may be hard to continue to trust the compass – you may feel a surge of Kali energy and it is ok to release the rage...but do not injure yourself or another…shake your fist if you must but hold the course… the fog will lift. It always does.

Don’t go there. Just don’t. After all, the highest function of Libra is balance.

It’s like a river – you hit horrendous rapids but you don’t throw your paddle in the water…you row like crazy. You get through it. Come to attention in your life – with yourself and with others. Just stop. There’s no more need to wallow in those depths. Row like hell……. It’ll smooth out. Those moments are there to teach us to row… ha! What’s that old song, ‘Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream…’ Life is but a dream.

More than you’ve dreamed. You are loved. Reach for it. Believe it and it will be given.

Please, if you like, I invite you to write down affirmations during the first 48 hours after the new moon. GUIDELINES for working with the New Moon energy are here.

You might want to look at ways we can disempower or empower ourselves when walking in the Libra energy here

From the astrology corner …. : I easily tune in to the vibrations of my heart/body and move forward as guided toward the unknown and the miraculous.