Make a Wish

When the Moon is dark
is the time to incubate your wishes.
Surrender with the full Moon, and begin again.

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New Moon March 2014

New Moon in Pisces

March 1, 2014 1:59 AM CDT

Sit with everyone you meet,

New Moon Pisces

as though they were an old friend.

This is the message of this month’s New Moon in Pisces, and it involves such surrender. Can we drop the pretense? Can we stand the silence? Can we relax at all? We live in a very high-strung world. Have we forgotten how to settle, even over lunch with a friend?

This New Moon is highly stimulated from the sidelines from Uranus in Aries. And that can go one of two ways. Uranus breaks down barriers, and Aries is courageous and empowered.

Uranus can also be frenzied and rebellious, and Aries can be headstrong, composed action easily disrupted.

Back to the beach chairs if you will. Let’s say your good-ole friend says something to stir you. Do you allow this energy to stir you or do you simply smile and hold the ocean in your gaze, and wait for your friend to say, “I didn’t mean that,” and for your reply, “I know.”

I find myself being so stimulated by the internet, the television, reading, the chores, and the CHORES, that it is difficult to just pull my chair up under the trees and be. I want to just ‘be’ more often. Not dazed by the ocean, but content with the ocean as my companion. I want to enjoy silence more. I want to feel content. I want to feel this in the midst of my daily life.

Shall we be in this Pisces New Moon energy as we can? Pull your chair up today. Let’s just be in this energy – and shall we set some intentions?

Please, if you like, I invite you to write down affirmations during the first 48 hours after the new moon. GUIDELINES for working with the New Moon energy are here.

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