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New Moon January 2014

New Moon in Capricorn

January 1, 2014 5:14am CDT

Let's slow it down a bit this year...

January New Moon 2014

It might save us a few headaches.

Today’s New Moon, in Capricorn, could very well set the pace for the first six months of 2014. Capricorn is not known for roaring ahead. With Capricorn, slow and steady wins the race, and with the forecast ahead it appears that we’re all being asked to slow down in 2014, and I’ll explain.

Venus is currently retrograde, Mercury soon will be, and then Mars retrogrades until May 31. This is an unusual year of retrogrades. We aren’t free of retrogrades until the first of June.

Retrogrades are a natural time when the universe slows things down. We’re put in time out for our own good because if it was up to many of us, we simply would not choose to do so. Retrogrades are a natural time to re-think, re-plan, re-view, re-group, re-peat, and re-solve.

For many of us the beginning of a new year always feels a bit slow. Our bellies are still full. We may even feel a bit sluggish. We may even feel a bit sad. The New Year and what lies ahead may feel a bit daunting. And then there are those who feel the urge to get back into high gear. But this is a time to be patient and make a plan.

Once the energy of Capricorn has a plan you can bet the sure-footed goat will begin the climb and won’t stop until it finds the morsel at the top. It just might not happen quite so fast this year.

I believe today, on New Year’s Day, is a time to accept and appreciate the earthy and grounded energy of Capricorn – our sure-footed goat archetype. I want to emphasis the art of being sure-footed today and in the coming year.

Sure-footed… where does this process begin? Does it begin in the placement of the foot? Not really. Forethought suggests that it begins with the thought, “I will now place my foot here or there.” So, how sure-footed are we? Do we wait to connect the thought to the foot before stepping forward? Do we look back at 2013 and wish we had been more sure-footed?

Relationships are going to play a big part of 2014, not just the significant other but all partnerships. Maybe in 2014 we could slow down our process of communication and focus on establishing a more solid connection with others. Can we remember a conversation where we forgot to truly connect with another before we jumped ahead, lost our footing and things went downhill from there? All of us can relate. How about we slow down and take the time to get on the same page. It’s a known fact that we are connected energetically to each other. We all can feel that energy connection. I ask you to embrace the physical scientific fact that we are also connected to the heavens. And the heavens are asking us to slow down in 2014.

It’s time to pay more attention. It’s time to use the gift of perception as we listen to others. Shall we try to be more willing to wait and allow perception to work in order to truly hear what the other is saying. Wait, and then feel when and how it is appropriate to respond. This is all grown up Capricorn.

Using the example of the sure-footed goat, the kid goat has jumped one too many times to the precipice and suffered from the fall. The goat learns. He slows down and that governs his survival. Take this concept to the global level. We must all shift into greater awareness not just to survive, but in order to truly live. The heavens have lined up for a slowdown, and this we can’t change. But we can choose. We can choose to allow this natural rhythm or we can choose to resist.

By no means does sensible restraint mean stop. One can develop a fear of moving forward. That isn’t what we’re talking about here. And that won’t work, for the goat must take the risk and learn to shift, sometimes shifting in midair. This is really about the responsible, and patient, and fully-conscious planning of our lives.

The first six months of 2014 we’re laying very important ground work for a future we’ve all been designing for quite some time now. May we lay it well and fully conscious.

Please, if you like, I invite you to write down affirmations during the first 48 hours after the new moon. The GUIDELINES for working with the New Moon energy are here:

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