Make a Wish

When the Moon is dark
is the time to incubate your wishes.
Surrender with the full Moon, and begin again.

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New Moon October 2013

New Moon in Libra

October 4, 2013 7:34pm CDT


October New Moon 2013


Venus rules Libra. Everyone has the planet Venus somewhere in their birth chart. There’s a place within every chart where Libra/Venus resides so you don’t have to have your Sun in Libra to understand this concept. We all relate. Bottom line… Venus/Libra defines how you hear others based on your perception, certainly your conditioning, and how you are mirrored back to you.

Let me explain. Each of us holds many shadows in the background – collective, societal shadows, and personal shadow – yet to be exhausted. We relate to others based on our personal perspective. And so much is unconscious until we are conscious. How can we expose our shadows to the world? That wouldn’t be very nice would it? Pretty and nice is important to Libra, after all the sign rules art and social graces. So, we tend to give others what they want and a lot of this starts in childhood.

When we are little children, unfortunately we are often not seen for who we truly are, at a soul level. Parents mirror who they want us to be and in order to feel loved we betray our little selves. Once this process has begun it is very difficult to break. Perhaps as adults we find ourselves married to individuals who never seem to understand us or we find ourselves in dead-in jobs that never fulfill. Perhaps some childhood tragedy defines us seemingly forever.

October New Moon 2013The scales of justice are the symbol used to describe Libra – back and forth, back and forth weighing what’s needed in this moment for our ease, for our balance. And this can be a full-time job. Maintaining balance when one feels steamrolled by others or one finds oneself in an uncomfortable situation requires one to tap into one’s true power, one’s true fulcrum of balance, and hold………. And that’s a soft place, a place of ease, a true place of beauty.

That place within is discovered after many, many opportunities to make friends with all of our internal shadows, and with the release of our conditioning. These shadows no longer throw us off balance. When they are triggered we finally can say, “Oh that ole thing? Yes, that one’s been with me a while.” An imaginary conversation but it’s the liberation point for Libra, knowing who we are and the acceptance of who we are, no longer looking into the eyes of everyone we meet for a reflection of approval or discontent. Socially comfortable. Calm center. BALANCED. Oh woe is me, balance for those with strong Libra in their birth chart is the SOUL challenge… that’s why it’s there you know? The soul desires balance. What are the lessons the soul wants to conquer and exhaust when Libra is involved? Damaged trust for one. “They never knew me.” “I was too much for them.” “I was too little for them.”

The goal is to evolve, to GROW into a space where we can say I trust you, because I now trust me. I remember who I am. This is a biggie for Libra. Again all of us have Libra ‘somewhere’ in our charts. It’s just one of the many archetypal lessons the soul learns. Libra has spent way too long looking for the ‘other’ person to be what they, themselves, lost along the way. “Help me pull up my unconscious needs, love me more than I love myself.”

How many lifetimes I wonder have we searched for some ONE to heal our…….

Pick one, or two, if you must.

October New Moon 2013

Lifetimes of rejection? Sadness? Abuse? Self-esteem issues? Trauma? Loneliness? “I must show you what I perceive that you want to see…You wouldn’t love me if you could see the real me… Partner with me and I’ll slowly but surely show you the real me (yikes), and you can heal me with your love.”

Ah Libra… exhausted, Libra comes to its high point…….. Authenticity, and in love with… the sunshine, the way light dances on the dew… the smile on another’s face that radiates a God-smile, the beauty of silk and knowing the effort from those tiny silkworms, flowers on the window sill, full bellied laughter, the tumbling brook that changes shapes for hours on end, the morning, the evening and the evening star, and the paintbrush. The one we use to paint our lives.

New Moon today in Libra – plant the seed for Libra. Balanced Libra. Find the soft spot that is you. Not entirely yin – not entirely yang – so, yin/yang, yin, and yang until all desires balance, exhausting themselves along the way. And we do, eventually, come to a point where we see beauty in ourselves regardless of shadows, and we allll have them. And we radiate beauty. We stop fighting others and ourselves and move more into cooperation with the moment. We all get there. No race. We are pure; we’re just trying to remember.

We all deal with the same stuff. The evolutionary journey is very, very long. And doesn’t it seem that just when you think you’ve made it some humbling experience humbles you. One of my teachers says, “Humiliation: – a really good way to learn humility.”

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