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New Moon July 2013

New Moon in Cancer

July 8, 2013 2:14am CDT

Disturbed Plankton

New Moon June

Plankton: Any organisms that live in the water column and are incapable of swimming against a current.

As it rides the waves of evolution, the soul intention for the archetype of Cancer is inner emotional security. I am loved. I FEEL. I feel my emotions. I do not hide my emotions. I am loved. I am able to give love, and I am able to receive love.

Yes indeed the Cancerian crab carries a shell, like plankton, the turtle, and all crustaceans of the sea Cancer carries its home on its back and is therefore never far from home. Cancerians love their homes and are happiest when they are comfortably settled in for the night. Home, mother, the hearth, food—these are some of this emotional sign's values, for Cancer can be insecure in some ways and the home is the protective shell that Cancer retreats to when bombarded by the world and all its harshness. But the evolutionary intention for this archetype is to feel, to allow oneself to feel – all the inner chaos – all the love – all – everything and as much as humanly possible connect with a safe space. The soul must step out of its comfort zone in Cancer in order to find its comfort zone.

Now, when one of life’s rogue waves hits us full in the face we all want to retreat. We’ve all felt empty, lost, angry, confused, and we’ve all had to struggle to find our way back to inner peace and then return to life altered, alive, and able to contribute. The struggle comes from fighting against the current. Some fight these life-currents for years, but the archetype of Cancer, as an evolutionary tool, is here to teach us that as we are swept into the current we simply have to go with it, and FEEL what we feel.

As a Cancerian, I have tried fighting the current. It doesn’t work very well. I was recently hit with one of these rogue waves and I noticed the shell pulling tighter and tighter around me. I noticed the despair as I shook my fist at the effort it takes to be human.

The key, I am finding, is to regain inner equilibrium as soon as is honestly possible. You can’t pretend. If its anger you need to express, then express it for repressed anger turns inward and quickly morphs to depression. Stay in depression for too long and a part of your soul shuts down.

Cancer prefers the safety of the shell – but to evolve you cannot stay locked away forever. Have your ‘talk’ with the universe. Go ahead and shake your fist, cry, repair with honesty, feel it, and as soon as humanly possible, grab your shell and crawl, or scurry, out of your hole, but Cancer will always carry that shell. The waves would smash them to bits without it… fragile, fragile interior.

Whatever has caused us to retreat, eventually we snap to it, pick ourselves up, remember a key point, something snaps us back, and it always comes from within. It usually is accompanied by a large sigh…. We’ve let love in again. It was always there, we’ve just pulled a shell around it.

In THE WAY AND THE GOAL: Vol 1, Num6, Dr. Harry Kenmore says, “And what does this Love do? It ignites the Divine or Love-Spark hidden in us, blasting it into flame. When it begins to burn after an unbroken and continuous response accompanied by the feeling of an abysmal gap of separation from our Beloved, then we know what it is to fall in love with God again.”

Our dear Pete Townsend said in an interview for Rolling Stone, “… when I did my first solo album, I called it 'Empty Glass', 'cause of this idea that when you go to the tavern -- which is to God, you know -- and you ask for His love -- He's the bartender, you know -- and He gives you a drink, and what you have to give Him is an empty glass. You know there's no point giving Him your heart if it's full already; there's no point going to God if your heart's full of Doris."

So if your heart has been hurt or has been filled with Doris, or Joe, if you’ve run out of love, or money, or hope and your heart is empty – then go to the Tavern, deep in your heart, as soon as humanly possible.

Want to listen to Pete Townsend singing Let My Love Open the Door? Put your arms in the air and sing along. Let God’s love open the door to the tavern, and drink up my friend.

It’s a continuous effort to feel secure in a world where we all are bombarded emotionally, and on so many levels, the need to develop inner security is currently the focus for us all – our massive planetary neighbor, Jupiter, has just moved into Cancer and will remain in Cancer for a year. Jupiter rules beliefs and offers massive expansion, and Cancer rules home, family, emotional security, ‘motherhood and apple pie’. For the next year there will be a focus on our beliefs surrounding these Cancerian issues. You may expect family issues to be front and center at both the microcosmic and macrocosmic levels. Old issues come up and we will have an opportunity to heal these issues for Jupiter innately carries the energy of expansion and growth.

Over-optimism or arrogance concerning security could also be in play, again at the micro or macrocosmic levels. Archetypes always run the full gamut.

The challenge is to find and reside in the heart-home. And in full belief know that we always have had, and always will have, access to this space. This space does not resonate with over-optimism or underestimation. Equipoise is found in this space. On this Cancer New Moon the focus is on this sacred space.

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