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New Moon June 2013

New Moon in Gemini

June 8, 2013 11:56am CDT

Exhausting the Mind after Millenniums

New Moon June

Gemini is the archetype that deals with perception, your personalized perception, and is directly related to the accumulation of impressions on your mind collected over many, many lifetimes that affect perception and, frankly, keep you bound in the cycles of being human, living in a world of duality. These impressions are your ‘stuff’. If you’re like me, you may feel as though you’ve lived several lifetimes in this lifetime alone.

My perception is not your perception. Stay with me here for we live in times where we are being asked to get this concept clear. Certainly my mind is connected to your mind, and our minds are ultimately one mind, but as an individuated soul I’ve collected my own ‘stuff’. These impressions I’ve collected are tucked away in the subtle mind attached to the subtle body over many lifetimes. They are my process of knowing who I AM, and hooray for the curiosity of Gemini for it is in the process of collecting, releasing, and disposing of information/impressions that we eventually come to know who we truly are.

Gemini is a left-brain archetype. Gemini likes collecting data and then collecting a bit more data and communicating that data to others. If Gemini is in your house of work, you won’t be satisfied with a job that doesn’t mentally challenge you. If it’s in your relationship house, you’ll be inclined to a bit of variety in your relationship and you’ll want to make sure you are in relationship with someone who likes to talk and listens when you talk.

Using a metaphor, we might say, “It snowed last night, eight inches of snow.” We see the snow and we comment on the snow, but how many of us comment on the 756,000,000,000 flakes of snow that fell last night? And we may agree that we are indeed the snow, but the aspect of perception adds another dimension to our understanding - that each is a part of the snowfall, individuated, with eons of collected impressions. We remain in snowflake consciousness until the snowflake melts into the snow. And there is a natural process to this melting. Try not to take a heat lamp to yourself. Be kind. Life provides enough scorching. It’s a process. One conscious step in front of the other.

With a gentle sun this melting process is slow but steady. With intense sun, the process is more intense. Some days the sun is kind and some days it is indeed very intense, and that process is not always under our control. Surrender to the process. No resistance. The process of melting… Do you perceive yourself today in the same way as you perceived yourself when you were twenty, thirty, forty, fifty...eighty?

Exhausting the Mind after Millenniums

New Moon June

We honor the process in ourselves, and in others.

Gemini is the archetype of the curious mind busy collecting data so that we can release that data as we eventually exhaust that data and surrender to intuition, based on that data. Gemini is often called the sign of the twin personality. Here and there with Gemini. Looking deeper, esoterically, Gemini is balancing father/spirit with mother/matter, as above so below. That is the goal with Gemini, to come into divine balance, to find the meeting space within. Gemini is a left brain archetype. Intuition is a right brain archetype. Left balances with right. The head eventually balances with the heart.

It is a long journey, no? The overly cluttered mind can fill the mind to the degree that light is pushed into a tiny corner, barely visible. And we’re constantly creating new impressions. We create impressions daily. No guilt here, only compassion will exhaust the process, and only compassion will help us begin to cut ourselves, and others, a little slack.

Even what we refer to as good impressions must eventually fade if we are to BE. “Oh this is good or this is bad.” These impressions can lock one up for a very long time. The stilled mind is in a state of BEING. Long journey for sure. The conjugation of the verb “to be” am, is, are, was, will be… sort of wraps up the evolution of the soul, no? At this New Moon in Gemini focuses on perception, yours and others, once again we vow to honor our own perception AND honor the perception of others. We all seek a meeting point. Each culture has their perceptions. Where’s the meeting space? Collective impressions are shifting like crazy. Ever notice how in a disaster we, at least momentarily, meet. The concept of I versus Thou disappears and for a moment we are of one mind, one cause. Our meeting space is balanced in those times. The head and the heart fall into cadence in order to right the situation, in order to pick up the pieces, in order to rebuild, in order to move forward. And during those times of personal or collective trauma, perceptions are altered. On those days the sun is very intense and much melting takes place. Our minds and hearts exhausted, we vow to move forward...perception has been altered.
New Moon June

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