Make a Wish

When the Moon is dark
is the time to incubate your wishes.
Surrender with the full Moon, and begin again.

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New Moon May 2013

New Moon in Taurus

May 9, 2013 7:28pm CDT

It’s Your Gift to Others and to the Planet

New Moon May

Taurus is basically a peaceful sign, but it is currently under stress as it’s in a tug-of-war with it’s polar opposite, Scorpio. This is for everyone on the planet and continues until February, 2014. Saturn joins Scorpio’s team in this tug-of-war in September. Things are feeling dangerous or, at the least, unsettled. So, what happens to us personally when we feel threatened? Most of us hold our breath, or gasp, or breathe shallowly as we assess the situation.

Taurus desires peace and safety but it is one of the, if not the, most fixed signs in the zodiac and that means fixed, unmovable. Taurus is also known as the silent one and the sign most apt to hold the breath under stress. During this New Moon you are invited to breathe, to release all worry or fear and breathe in peace from the highest Source and then surrender the breath – as a gift to your self and others, even in the midst of chaos. As an exercise, try this in the grocery store, a place where most everyone is focused and on a mission, where sometimes you have to watch carefully to avoid collision. Breathe in and breathe out peace and love.

When we don’t breathe as we should, it’s because we don’t feel safe. Chaos around us and in our personal lives can certainly throw us off center. So how can we maintain some form of equipoise in the midst of chaos? We can’t just bury our heads in the sand in resistance; the events in our world currently won’t allow it.

I wonder what design in the universe is at work here. What purpose could be at core of so much suffering and repeated loss of lives? I speculate on the word surrender... to a higher purpose and a new world. I speculate this is a necessary process to redesign and to rebuild, and to resolve, and there is much to resolve.

This chaos isn’t new, we just hear about it on Twitter or CNN, instantly. If you think about it, history proves that we’ve been fighting each other for eons. The planet has certainly shifted many times, earthquakes are not new, floods are not new, and violence is not new. Why have we evolved to this point? These are questions to ponder for sure. Are we to come to a point where we realize that in some situations we are indeed powerless? Can we push back the tsunami? Can we control the mind of a madman?

New Moon May

Staying calm under pressure requires tremendous balance. We can stand on the shore forever or we can step into the ocean. Taurus wants to stay on the shore gazing at the sun. Sometimes we have to bravely make the walk into the waves to find what we’re made of. Yes, there might be sharks.

One of the lessons of this new moon is to reach into the new world regardless of the risks we must take and keep breathing, keep moving, don’t freeze up and try to move forward in trust. Sometimes it’s just one foot in front of the other, and that’s ok. We’ll get there.

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