Make a Wish

When the Moon is dark
is the time to incubate your wishes.
Surrender with the full Moon, and begin again.

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New Moon March 2013

New Moon in Pisces

March 11, 2013 2:51 pm CDT

Pisces is a Mystical Water Sign.

March New Moon 2013

But It’s Far From Being a Fairy Tale.

Last month’s footnote was about the SEVEN planets that would group together in the sign of Pisces on March 11. Well, here we are. Have you found that you’ve been contemplating more? Have you experienced the mystical side of Pisces? Do you feel as though you’ve been swimming in a fog? Is there a situation in your life that may be a little difficult to understand? Are you a little confused? Good. That’s Pisces too. And through the confusion we surrender to SOURCE, or not.

The water element in Pisces washes away our ego. It creates an urge to surrender to that which we cannot fathom. It edges us toward faith and trust, and by nature we humans resist. We say to our selves, I don’t want to surrender. I just want a little peace. Surrender sounds scary. Trust sounds scary. What will happen to “me” if I surrender, will “I” be washed away, and will I make my way back to “me”?

Pisces wants to take us through the veil of ignorance and the self-limiting “I”. One can feel oneself dissolving..... and yes dissolving is the modus operandi of Pisces. The intent is to allow this process to become an integral part of our daily process. As we put one foot in front of the other... we surrender. We still get up and make the breakfast, and drive the car, and go to work. We surrender “during” these daily chores, as we garden, as we chop the wood and as we carry the water..... releasing with every step to something we can not fathom. We trust. We strive to be in the world but not of it. That’s Pisces. We take it all in, what we call the good and the bad....and we trust.

It’s interesting how we resist. We are like little rivulets, damming up our hearts, fearing we’ll run dry if we don’t maintain those boundaries. And yet at times, looking up at a beautiful sky, moments when we’re punch-drunk with God, we release the waters and they flow and join the great sea and we feel our hearts will burst. Seven planets in Pisces today. It’s like a summons. An invocation. A plea. An opportunity.

The “disempowered” side of Pisces can get all tangled up in the veil. Metaphorically, one side is illusion and the other is truth. And oh how we can dance in the middle, for a very long time. It’s a tricky situation. We can feel flooded with the enormity of the sea and hide our heads in the sand. We do have the free will to do this, for a very long time. We can feel as though we’re unable to function at all due to overwhelming feelings as our little selves dissolve into the greater self. We can dupe ourselves into feeling as though we’ve crossed into truth with drugs. We can feel lost, and victimized, by things out of our control. We can become spiritually self-absorbed. We can submerge ourselves in our additions, television, food, sex, wine, work, electronics – what ever they are, they may temporarily help you to loose self, but they are our diversions.

Can we place one foot in this world and one in the next, living in truth while still functioning at our best in life, daily, even hourly? That is the goal. And as for the question we sometimes ask... if I surrender, will “I” be washed away, and will I make my way back to “me”? Try to grasp that you are an INDIVIDUATED soul – you have always been and will always BE. Personality is designed by soul to be in service to the soul. It is your ‘soul’ that is evolving.

Be easy with your self for it’s a long journey and there is no rush. Today is the New Moon so we think of these Pisces issues today and we try a little harder, we seek the wisdom of Pisces today, we hear the invocation today. Today, we do our best.

By next week a few of these planets will have moved into fiery Aries and we’ll have a good warm fire to help clear the fog. Spring will come. New Beginnings are just around the corner. But I must tell you that the planet that rules Pisces, Neptune, remains in Pisces until 2025. We will have wrapped up the Piscean Age. Pisces influence is going to be with us for a while.

I invite you to enjoy some Pisces humor by watching this very short video of Erich Schiffmann during a recent yoga workshop in Ojai, California.

Please take a moment and visit my website for a full list of the Empowering and Disempowering traits of Pisces.

If you want to work with affirmations during the New Moon in Pisces you may check out guidelines for doing so here...

Topics you might use in forming affirmations for Empowered Pisces are: Imagination, Dreams, Inner Happiness, Psychic Sensitivity, Trust/Mystic Awareness, Spiritual Healing, Compassion, Releasing Helplessness, and Being Aware of Escapist Tendencies.