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When the Moon is dark
is the time to incubate your wishes.
Surrender with the full Moon, and begin again.

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New Moon February 2013

New Moon in Aquarius

February 10, 2013 1:20 am CDT

*Please read the extra note at the bottom of the page.

You’re ok. You’re you! Look at the hope dawning in this little guy’s eyes.

January New Moon 2012

You’re just fine the way you are. Keep your ‘Self’ company.

For a thousand years and more we’ve been under the expectation to be like someone else, everyone else, to play by the rules, to stay in line, to be good! Don’t rock the boat. Don’t be gloomy, and for heaven’s sake don’t speak up unless someone else does first. Be polite – What would the neighbors think? Our individuality has been discouraged.

Truth be told, our emotional bodies have taken a lot of hits through many lifetimes, and finding our way back home is a longgggg process. Trauma can cause us to emotionally split off from ourselves. If the trauma is deep enough, it can take lifetimes to heal. Just think of this lifetime and the time it has taken to heal from childhood pain, broken relationships, betrayals, the death of a loved one, and physical pain. Imagine the soul’s journey. It’s mind boggling.

The impressions of pain live in the deepest part of our emotional consciousness. Eventually, we do rise up and begin the process of reclaiming our soul. It is the archetype of Aquarius that helps us to shift our attention inward rather than outward, to travel free from all voices but the inner voice. This is the process of ‘involution’, the great turn... inward.

This is the process of Aquarius. Aquarius says, “I can no longer run with the herd. I will be a group of one if needed.” Steven Forrest, internationally known astrologer... and my teacher, teaches that if you came in with your ‘Sun’ in Aquarius your soul has taken a stand. You simply ‘must’ individuate. There’s usually some element of trauma in the lives of folks with their Sun in Aquarius. It’s a breaking apart in order to break away.

With empowered Aquarius there must be a firm truth about who we are. This is the truth of me. No need to shout it. It can take a lot of courage and confidence to stand tall and to smile at those around us who might be curious, who might be inclined to stare or critique our uniqueness or our choice of journey.

So, you feel different. That’s ok!

February New Moon 2013

In the process of liberation Aquarius can be rebellious, but rebels aren’t inherently bad. Sometimes rules need to be broken. Sometimes it’s worth taking a stand in order to free your very soul. Sometimes it can push you forward as a leader of mankind. It depends on the truth of your cause. If you’re fighting a lower cause, you could find your self in exile. It’s a fine line.

It’s interesting how when we stand in our highest truth we are then able to see the truth of others, and we begin to blend with an array of souls. That’s the beautifully empowered side of Aquarius. No one is pointing fingers, for in truth... we’re all human and at times a little absurd. With this acceptance comes a freedom and the ability to chuckle at our absurdities, even our own. Ah the freedom to laugh at one’s self and to know, objectively, that when someone laughs at us they’re usually laughing with us. And if we feel laughed ‘at’ – we come to learn – that’s not about us at all. Could be we’re hanging with the wrong crowd. In order to find the support we need for the process of individuation it’s important to hang with like-minded folks. They will tend to support us rather than point out how ‘different’ we are. I found a poster many years ago that hangs on my wall. It says;

A friend is someone who leaves you with all your freedom intact but who, by what he thinks of you, obliges you to be fully what you are.

Now that’s a true friend. That’s the mark of your tribe. Your natural soul-tribe. Its 2013 and authenticity is in style. The world salutes individuality more and more. We truly are at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Thankfully, we are presented with several opportunities in life to get real, but great courage is needed... because these opportunities are rarely easy. We come in to do some pretty hard work, and eons of conditioning must fall away.

Please take a moment and visit my website for a full list of the Empowering and Disempowering traits of Aquarius.

If you want to work with affirmations during the New Moon in Aquarius you may check out guidelines for doing so here...

*Note: On March 10th and 11th SEVEN transiting planets will group together in the sign of Pisces. This can go one of two ways and a myriad of ways. Pisces rules the seas and the ocean of our minds. We can open to this or we can be foggy little creatures during this event. Be easy with yourselves during this unusual energy blasts from Pisces. The New Moon is March 11th and I’ll discuss Pisces more then... consider this a heads up. I believe everyone will feel this a few days prior and a few days, or more, after. Best advice; try to keep your feet on the ground.