Make a Wish

When the Moon is dark
is the time to incubate your wishes.
Surrender with the full Moon, and begin again.

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New Moon January 2013

New Moon in Capricorn

January 11, 2013 1:43 pm CDT

Capricorn rules the skin, the bones, and the teeth, giving structure to the human body. The Sun is in Capricorn as we begin our new year. It always is. Today the New Moon saddles up to the Sun and joins in this massive influence of Capricorn energy. This powerful combination creates a desire for most of us to initiate some new structure in our lives for 2013. We set goals, try new resolutions, clean out closets, and attempt to recreate our reality. Capricorn’s desire for structure comes from a couple of areas, fear of stagnation and fear of chaos.

It is the archetype of Capricorn that provides structure in the office, in the community, in the armed forces, and in the government. And it’s not easy to agree on structures because each of us creates our own reality. For any two people to agree on workable structure is a small miracle. Somebody has to set the’s usually the archetype of Capricorn at work.

We all live within structure. As we live within the framework of nature, i.e. as long as we are in physical bodies, we react to circumstances and make human choices and in doing so we create our reality. And this is grown up work! Frivolous is set aside. Winter is here, and in every life time there will be a periods of winter. Discipline must be learned. There are great bridges to cross. Finding ourselves periodically in a state of chaos or stagnation, we sit our grown-up selves down, and we restructure our lives. And we usually cross these great bridges without assistance for who can assist? It can be precarious. It requires single focus.

We conquer the lower self.

January New Moon 2012

As we learn discipline we become the disciple.
We don’t look over our shoulder to see how anyone else is crossing.
This is our time.
Without a doubt.

January New Moon 2013

Sure-footed, disciplined old goat, undeterred from the goal.... why the sea tail? The sea.....the great ocean, the unconscious... Capricorn is ever able to travel to the depths of consciousness while ever climbing, eyes clearly on the path’s summit. A balanced Capricorn is a thing of great beauty – having experienced the peaks and valleys numerous times, they’ve graduated many times.

Empowered Capricorn lives in honesty, integrity, and with no pretense what so ever, they become the lofty judge and jury, and patience is learned. Daily. Capricorn defines humility that comes from knowing the good and the bad in human nature, their own included. False pride associated with presenting oneself as something one is not is abhorrent to empowered Capricorn. Today is a good day to affirm this for your self. Their delightfully edgy sense of humor... with perhaps a little sarcasm plays in the testing of other’s honesty, integrity, and perhaps other’s pretentiousness as well. And they keep a straight face through this too. Imagine you’re crossing the bridge behind a Capricorn. Your knees are shaking but you’re making it across. You’ve made it to the middle. They’re just in front... you’re not breathing. They turn slightly and say, “Oh, I forgot something... gotta go back.” You freeze. They chuckle. That’s Capricorn humor. Being the hero, they lighten the journey for the rest of us. It’s not that they aren’t also frightened, they are. But they’ve graduated many times.

Capricorn is a sign that represents a Herculean struggle between the forces of light and darkness on the road to initiation into an understanding of time and impermanence – and the ability to accept the reality of it and rise up out of the existential void of the unconscious and begin again, and again. If Capricorn fails to rise to the next pinnacle or hesitates in crossing the next great bridge they can be swept into the depths of solitude and despair. And here they cannot stay. That would be the shadow side of Capricorn. In these depths Capricorn emotions can crystallize and stagnation results.

Capricorn has tremendous self control, but must learn to use this control for action – not suppression. This is the initiation. This suppression/depression/involution process with Capricorn is not an easy state for any of us... but it is a part of all of us. If you have a friend in this process, stand firmly at the edge for their return. This they will never forget. I recently heard someone say, “You’re not falling apart, you’re falling together.” Hard to remember at times. This period of involution is a quiet time needed by us all in order to return to the world animated with fire in our bellies and newly designed structures of wisdom. The highest archetypal expression of Capricorn is the sage, and it is not an easy journey. It is however, necessary.

Right now the planet Pluto (the great transformer) is in the sign of Capricorn and so there is tremendous Capricorn energy being projected to the planet. Pluto will be in Capricorn until 2024. Pluto transforms us – actually restructures us by showing us how powerless we truly are. It can destroy by means of natural disaster or man-made disasters, wars, or relationship betrayals, or boardroom schemes. We are powerless in these Plutonian situations.

But Pluto also shows us how powerful we are. Through the process of surrender to that which is greater than we are, we find peace and a sense of unity with that power. In Capricorn, Pluto will be restructuring our concepts of power and powerlessness until 2024 when Pluto moves into Aquarius. Firm structures are needed prior to 2024. Aquarius can be innovative, but it can also be rebellious and, ruled by Uranus, can rock the boat with far-fetched mind-blowing futuristic probabilities. There is a call to action taking place, a tearing down of structures both emotional and literal – it’s New Moon, New Year Resolution time until 2024. All over the world new rules, new reality, and new traditions are forming – and to add to the fray, Uranus (wild rebellion) is currently in Aries (independence and pioneering). These two planets are ‘squaring off’ with each other. They are in battle so to speak and our structures are falling away, the old guard, (Capricorn), is confronted by the young and the restless (Uranus) and the need for new rules – what was good enough then is not necessarily good enough now. Inevitable changes are taking place internally and all across the planet. And the future won't slow down just because we choose to resist it!

We have completed a 25,000 year cycle and its possible this shift may cause some depression, some shifting in consciousness within each of us.... the old sea goat swims to the depths in an attempt to gain insight. Until 2024 we will be in a restructuring mode. We’re headed to the highest claim of Capricorn – the discipleship of the individuated soul and a wiser society. Every child born between the beginning of 2008 and February 2024 will have Pluto in Capricorn in their birth chart. Without doubt these souls are the structure of our future.

In closing, there is no easy way for an individual to free himself from his own limitations of selfishness and separateness; and there are no short cuts. It is a long, painful process in which we learn eventually by personal experience that self-discipline, self-control and self-sacrifice form the foundation stones of discipleship.

On this foundation the superstructure of a loving, responsible way of life, reflecting the values of the soul, may eventually develop. This growth in consciousness becomes the way of initiation, the way to the mountain top, a crossing of the great bridge... towards the heavenly light which reveals the soul as the real Self, the Plan as the responsibility of discipleship, and the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet as the center of love into which initiation admits the accepted disciple. Capricorn is therefore the outstanding sign of initiation.

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Topics you might use in forming affirmations for empowered Capricorn are: Handling responsibility, Reaching Goals, Allowing Success and Recognition, Management Skills, Authority Figures, and Releasing Controlling Tendencies