Make a Wish

When the Moon is dark
is the time to incubate your wishes.
Surrender with the full Moon, and begin again.

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New Moon November 2012

New Moon Scorpio 2012

Tuesday November 13, 4:07 pm CDT

Today a very intense New Moon moves between Earth and the Sun in a total solar eclipse. Temporarily the energy from the Sun is blocked. It’s a good time to hit reset. It is also a Super Moon meaning it is the closest to the earth pulling the seas within as well as without. There is no where to hide today. Today we set intentions to bravely love.

Can feel a little like falling through a worm hole.

November New Moon 2012

The heart pumps with adrenaline. We go over the waterfall and surrender, or we resist.

There’s something sweetly empowering about surrender.

Scorpio, ruled by mighty Pluto, represents the natural law of the universe which requires our eventual surrender to something greater than our limited ego. I wonder if, unconsciously perhaps, this resistance might transfer to our relationships where we substitute the other as that which could take away our individuation.  In this way, we can set into play a game of power over, power under, all our lives unless, of course, we strive to surrender in relationships, to respect not only our individuation but the individuation of other.

Last month we talked about the New Moon in Libra and how to balance our needs with the needs of others. We talked about trusting the SELF and listening well to others. Libra, done well, helps us to partner. With Scorpio, relationships are taken to the next level of vulnerability. We’re wide open. I believe this New Moon’s emphasis is not only about our personal relationships but also our relationship with the One. Deep trust is available with this New Moon.   

I want to remind the reader that Saturn is in this sign of Scorpio for everyone on the planet for the next two and a half years. Saturn is usually associated with work. We will be working on Scorpio issues of trust. It can be a time of great joy depending on the level of nonresistance.

When two people are deeply intimate Scorpio is engaged... not just sexual intimacy, but secrets shared, soft whispers, comforting through tragedy. Scorpio, done well, requires deep trust and surrender in partnering. A “we’re in this together” feeling. Think of two lovers eye-to-eye pledging their love - agreeing to ‘dive in’, 100% committed. Think of the politician behind closed doors in serious negotiation. Scorpio holds adrenaline.... and we’re all just beginning to allow our energies to flow, not surge but just flow. In opening our hearts, we are learning to love bravely.   

We can start by being honest, and yet honesty is tricky. Like every other sign in our zodiac, Scorpio too has its shadow side. Known for its quick sting, Scorpio can take great pride in honesty. It doesn’t always hold back and often uses honesty to harm or manipulate or embarrass another.  Honesty is powerful... but it can be soft. To soften would be the high side of Scorpio.  Surrender, or resist. And always, free will is in play for it too is a universal law. We can choose.  I was listening to a Paul Harvey commentary a few years ago. A fellow had way too much to drink at the local bar. When he lit a cigarette in this non-smoking bar he was escorted out – actually thrown out. He pulled a gun. The bouncer shot back. The patron died saying, “I’ll smoke if I want to.” Wow, imagine going through the final wormhole with that level of resistance.

When you bravely join with others in nonresistance you’ve moved through the wormhole, and by surrendering to your own softness as well as that of the other you’ve become empowered. You and Me disappears... there is union.

However, not everyone always plays by the same rules. We wake up on the wrong side of the bed and we don’t play by the rules, and so there is conflict. In conflict with others we will feel emotional pain. Scorpio encourages us to surrender the emotional pain. How? Just be in it. It will definitely fill us, but as we attempt to maintain that soft space the pain subsides. It has washed over us. This is a very interesting dynamic with Scorpio, nonresistance. We allow something in, we surrender, we maintain the softness, we are transformed, and from this process we rise like the phoenix as something stronger, empowered through surrender. We can self-care from this empowered state. In response to emotional injury we can feel the pain, stay soft, allow the emotion to wash through us, and respond – from a soft but empowered divinely-inspired space.

Evolutionary Astrology teaches that in every moment we are making the choice to move toward SOURCE in union, surrendering to a higher voice, a higher power or... we are making the choice to move away.  It is my understanding that moving away from Source is a natural inclination for the soul. It’s a journey we all take. We move out and away in order to know our individuated souls. Once empowered, we then have a natural inclination to merge again, to return. As we travel through this wormhole of merging, often we may feel swallowed up and our fears or our desires for individuation draw us away. We repeat this process through many, many lifetimes until the individuated self, at long last, is realized, as Source.  When, through this process of evolution, the soul finally exhausts the desire to separate we then experience the return to Oneness, this is the ultimate plunge, over the waterfall, through the worm hole, in faith and utter devotion.   And we practice this eventual moment every time we are brave enough to love.

Here are some areas to consider when affirming, using the Scorpio archetype. Bonding at a Very Deep Level, Marriage, Healthy Empowerment, Change, Crisis Skills, Self-Mastery, Sex/Soul Mates, Financial Partnerships, and Avoiding Power Struggles.

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