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When the Moon is dark
is the time to incubate your wishes.
Surrender with the full Moon, and begin again.

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Newsletter November 2011

New Moon in Scorpio October 2011

Wednesday, October 26 at 2:55 pm CDT

Scorpio Halloween
Feeling powerless can be the first step toward surrender

The drawing here illustrates a very important message relating to this Scorpio New Moon. - - - Some things are more powerful than we are. As human beings we come upon certain things that cause us to feel powerless. It’s as though life says, “You may not go there,” or regardless of our fear, “You must go there.” Do we push against the river or do we surrender to the flow of life?

The figure in the drawing represents our fear of surrendering to something more powerful than we are, something that is totally out of our control. To our credit, we find ourselves conquering life’s challenges and passing through the gates again and again, and rather than battle to enter, we come to realize that we simply needed to be washed through. With the death of the lower self, we discover that once again we are renewed. The evolutionary dance continues between our desire to be a separate being, maintaining our control, and our desire to surrender and merge with Source. It continues until we have exhausted our desire to be separate.

Human beings, out of fear of losing their own power, (Scorpio) sometimes attempt to diminish other human beings through subtle forms of psychological manipulation and humiliation. There are individuals throughout history who have used their master minds to manipulate and control others. It happens every day, and hopefully we can detect and deflect this type of dysfunction in our relationships. Scorpio rules psychology and psychology used at the highest Scorpionic Ray helps us to travel to the deepest recesses of our consciousness and lay our shadows out into the light where they are diffused. This type of emotional healing lifts our need to always be in control. We are empowered in the healthiest sense when we release the need for control. Facing our demons we learn to be vulnerable enough to apologize for them when they come out to play. With each apology they lose a little more power and we become more familiar with what it feels like to merge into the flow of life.

The archetype of Scorpio rules sexuality.  The French have referred to the moment of surrender as the little death, and we discover through sexual union that not only do we still exist but we momentarily transcend our ego selves and are washed through and transformed into something greater. What is the lesson behind this merging? Is it but a hint of the joy available through merging with Source?

With Scorpio we also have to consider power struggles associated with money. The bottom line is... right use of money equals right use of power. Wrong use of money is a power trip that eventually meets some one or some thing more powerful, like truth. The fall from grace is not pretty with Scorpio. Scorpio’s zodiac sign is the scorpion.

During this New Moon time we are encouraged to reflect on the following topics and create our own wishes during this Scorpio New Moon. I’ve listed a few suggestions below.

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A few suggestions for setting Libra intentions:

“I want mutual empowerment in my relationships.”
“I want to easily recognize when I am obsessing about _________ and surrender my need for control.”
“I want to respond to crisis with clear, competent thinking and action which requires the practice of surrendering to my higher power.”
“I want all desires for revenge totally lifted from me.”
“I want to find myself expressing my intensity in ways that are not threatening to others.”
“In my financial negotiations I want to easily find myself feeling self confident in a positive way.”
“I want to find myself taking constructive risks that lead to a new sense of empowerment.”
“I want to create a stronger sexual bond between my self and my partner by easily surrendering to the moment.”
“I want to claim feelings of empowerment by ceasing to blame others for my circumstances.”

Please refer to my New Moon Guidelines should you need to.

Terri Zee