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When the Moon is dark
is the time to incubate your wishes.
Surrender with the full Moon, and begin again.

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Newsletter October 2011

New Moon in Libra October 2011

Tuesday September 27 at 6:08 am CDT

Libra ScalesIt always boils down to balance with Libra.

How can I maintain my personal balance? What is needed in my life in order for me to stop the internal seesaw between yin and yang, right and wrong, going with mauve or lavender, independence or partnering? We are constantly shifting our energy as we seek harmony and balance in our environment.

Our desire to feel balanced with others is our desire to feel balanced with ourselves. When we are too dependant on others for balance, we are in a state of co-dependency. Our obsession with others and how they are feeling or what they are thinking moves us off balance and into a state of flux. Every day we practice the art of balance in our relationships with others. Here we learn to trust that when we are in a state of equipoise, our relationships are more fruitful.

Libra desires to partner in love. Looking deeper could this desire ultimately be the soul’s memory of union with Source?

Libra yearns for where roads become one

One of the most rewarding elements in any partnership is teamwork which requires a great deal of trust. I trust that you will be on point and you trust that I will be on point, and – voila’ we make art. But being human we stumble, and when we do it’s helpful to the relationship if we allow ourselves and others the space to find our way back. To maintain your own state of balance when your partner is temporarily off point is one of the kindest gestures you can offer.

Libras have a knack for seeing all possibilities, and it’s true that this can create indecision for them, it can be paralyzing. It can keep them from ever having to take a stand. On the other hand it’s a wonderful trait for negotiating when they listen. Listening well is a goal with Libra. Their need for internal balance tends to keep the focus on themselves. “How am I doing?” “What will I say next?” “How’s my hair?” It’s graduation day for Libra when Libra focuses on you. I hear you. The key is, I can enter your world and maintain my own.

We listen well when we are in a state of equipoise. None of this is easy, but it is the goal of Libra.

Here are the topics to ponder this month as the New Moon enters Libra:


A few suggestions for setting Libra intentions:

“I want to easily find myself ‘being’ myself in a way that is harmonious for others and happy for me.”
“I want to consciously be aware that we are ‘all’ in this together and easily lend my support to others.”
“I want all thoughts of not being equal with others easily lifted from me.”
“I want all inhibiting self-consciousness totally lifted from me.”
“I want the distraction of ‘watching myself’ totally lifted from me.”
“I want the tendency to project my standards onto others totally lifted from me.”
“I want to easily attract and begin a supportive partnership”. (business, romantic, etc.)
“I want the compulsion to like and be liked by everyone totally lifted from me.”

Learning to partner (Libra) precedes deep emotional bonding which is associated with Scorpio. We’ll discuss Scorpio next month.

Please refer to my New Moon Guidelines should you need to.


Terri Zee